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super storm sandy. that's our top story. people slowly resuming their daily routines but more than 6 million preem main without power mostly in new jersey and new york. it could be weeks until some see the lights turned back on. the death toll from sandy is up to at least 74. that number is expected to keep climbing as workers comb through rubble, fallen trees and flood waters. they are helping these families get out of their homes in hoboken, new jersey. it shows a dramatic rooftop rescue in staten island, new york. saving 5 adults and one child who were trapped. anna kooiman joins us live with the latest. >> definitely on a windy thursday morning. good morning everyone. andrew cuomo says barack obama is sending in not only crews but equipment from the army and the navy. they are trying to work on the world trade center area to get the water out. they are sending in an unwatering team after hurricane katrina in illinois. bringing in pumps from the navy. here is a perfect reason why here at battory park we have the battery tunnel park full of water. it is unbelievable looking at this
are following three big stories for you this morning. while people slowly begin to assess the damage from sandy, a gas crisis is emerging. people lining up for hours to fill up only to find out there is no fuel and no relief in sight. anna kooiman is live in staten island. >> details are emerging about the deadly attack in libya. senior u.s. counter tearrism officials who felt they were being kept out of the loop. the state department never gave that stand down order that we have reported. all of this while the men chosen to protect the u.s. ambassador could not be trusted. peter doocy has the story from washington. >> we are four-days away from the presidential election. it is back to business as both candidates take swings at each other and the lathes jobs number. doug luzader is live with more on that. >>> that's the big question what will the unemployment rate be? this is what economists are expecting 7.9 percent. if that's the case that is a slight increase over last month. both of these guys are preparing for that it will depend on the overall size. >> i think it's a confidence game when
on the thousands of folks living in this area still realing from sandy. a nor' easter blustered into new york and new jersey are wayne, sleet and record setting snow. >> the winds causing 100,000 new power outages. that brings the total number still in the freezing cold from 714,000. it could be days before the lights are turned back on. >> it is insane. i have been 10-days now and now i am struggling snow. >> and you still don't have power? >> no. no power. no gas, no nothing. >> heartbreaking. >> heartbreaking. let's head over to janice dean with a look at the forecast. >> it is amazing 10-days ago we were talking a hurricane and now we are talking about a winter storm. there are no words. look at the snow total in connecticut. a foot of snow. monroe 9 inches. parts of new york seeing 6, 7 inches. rich field new jersey. i had somebody say to me yesterday there's no way we are getting over 2 inches of snow in central park. this is still an impressive storm. bringing bands of snow across new england. still long island. you are getting hammered with snow. new jersey you look to be out of the w
to the families still without power after hurricane sandy and wilelook ahead to the holidays and new year and that same service of optimism that brings us together today should inspire us all year round and why here in washington dc republicans reached out to president obama in the hope to help our economy grow and solve the debt that threatens our children's future. >> if a deal is not reached on the fiscal cliff tax cuts will expire on january 1st. back to black friday. unfortunately fights already breaking out. this was the scene in indianapolis a few hours ago. police were called in to break up fights. shoppers waited in line to receive vouchers for plasma tvs and learned that some of the people were selling vouchers for profit. and right now, we are going to go with waga who is live with more. good morning and tell us what is happening there and what the scene is like? >> well, no fights here, i can tell you that. a lot of folks having a good time and spending money. we are in the mall ofia and which is the largest mall in the state of georgia and largest mall in the southeast. it op
for super storm sandy victims. a more somber event in arlington, virginia. that's where president obama laid a wreath at the tovsh of the unknown. marking a major milestone at the vietnam memorial at washington, d.c. this year is the 30th anniversary of that war. >> in california, california veterans erecting a war memorial cross in the mojave desert. after a lengthy legal battle it was reinstalled and dedicated yesterday. that has been a long battle. that is your 5@5:00. >>> it is time for your first degree weather update maria molina. how is it looking? >> good morning everyone. we have a strong cold front we are tracking today. we have been tracking it over the weekend because this is a significant and pretty strong storm system that has a lot of snow with it and also severe weather associated with it t. it is 20 degrees in minneapolis. only 13 in rapid city. 23 in denver. that air is going to spread eastward the next couple days. it will be very persistent. 71 in new orleans and 62 doeges in cleave rand. cold day in minneapolis 20 degrees. temperatures making it into the 70s in atlanta.
to cancel that event because of hurricane sandy. but we know a lot of students are expected to vote here. ucf campus is the second largest campus in the country. we know in the 2008 presidential election 23 million young people voted during that election. we will wait to see the numbers of how many young people vote in this presidential election. the uccucc -- we are live outsi ucf campus. >> thank you so much live in orlando. >>> the candidates they have spent over a year making their case to the american people. comb bill o'reilly talks about in giving his analalysis. >> if president obama loses the election it would be because he could not convince america that his big government philosophy would improve the economy. even though mr. obama has that trouble in other areas like libya it is the economy that has made this election a struggle for him. the cold truth is, the president has not improved the american economy. if you were voting just on that you will vote against him. >> if mitt romney loses it will be because he did not get his message out. over the past three weeks of the camp
affected by hurricane sandy or storm sandy when it hit the northeast. many people lost their cars. oo about 250,000. used car prices are going up as much as 1,000 dollars. drivers are looking to replace the used car or their car in general and they went to dealerships fervently this weekend. very busy here in the northeast. you will pay a higher price for the used car. if you buy a new car good luck a lot of auto companies lost cars during sandy. toyota lost 4,000 cars. ford lost 800. >> thank you very much. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. he lost his ability to walk on the battlefield in afghanistan. this man is fighting a new enemy, united airlines. families are coming together for thanksgiving but not for dinner. they are trying to stop black fray from stealing loved ones from the table. here's a look at the gasoline prices national average 3.44 that is up from $0.01 yesterday. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex
left behind from super storm sandy. cuomo is asking the government for 43 billion to repair homes and 9 billion to put preventative measures into place. it destroyed 305 homes in new york an executive and trustee with long island power authority resigned. lipa has come under tins criticism for the slow sandy response. >> that's your 5@5:00. >>> an extreme weather alert to bring you this morning. let's get right to maria molina she is tracking thunderstorms th -- snowstorms. >> good morning everyone. we are tracking a storm system that will produce areas of trouble across portions of the east. it is already doing things this morning. it is across parts of pennsylvania and ohio and portions of new england. the good news is it's not too strong and it will be a relatively good hurt. by tomorrow the storm will be gone out of the northeast and out of the southeast. it will stretch through the northeast and portions of texas and louisiana. they will have areas of rainfall and thunderstorms. here's a look at the snowfall. we have some of the white stuff across pennsylvania. it will be accumulat
criticism for excessive praise of obama after super storm sandy. >> next week could be challenges for sand die's sto-- sandy's st victims. it is getting colder and a nor' easter is expected to hit on wednesday. the new storms could bring 55 mile per hour wind gusts flooding and rain all of this adding to the devastation already impacting the new york and new jersey area. meantime members of the marines visiting families in staten island they helped clean up debris in some of the hardest hit areas. >> a 2 yearly died after falling into an enclosure. the mother was holding him up on a railing when he fell into the african dogs exhibit. he was immediately attacked. keepers wereable to move 7 dogs out and scare off three more but one would not leaf the child. it was shot and killed by police. the zoo is closed indefinitely. off fiofficials say they will change this to prevent it from happening again. >> a big welcome home to the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier as it ends a more than 50 year career. >> the uss enterprise returned from the 25th and final deployment yesterday. the
who went to a town hall meeting begging fema for help in the wake of super storm sandy and felt their calls went unanswered. >>>> (inaudible yelling) >> we can nt go nowhere. >> i don't know what's going on here. >> over 700 people were there many couldn't fit into the auditorium. >> the united nations voting to we can niez a palestinian state. -- to recognize a palestinian state. >> thousands of people celebrating in the west bank. general assembly officially changed the palestinian status from u.n. observer to an observer state. >> palestine is not a state. when the u.n. engages in this kind of activity shows a real lack of commitment to stop it from happening. >>> netanyahu says the vote violates past agreements. >> george h.w. bush rapidly improving in the hospital. the 88-year-old was admitted for bronchitis and readmitted the day after thanksgiving. the doctors at the methodist hospital say the condition was never serious but wanted to prevent it from becoming pneumonia. former president bush could be released as early as this weekend. >> we know two people have won the re
the climate issue. service into lower manhattan along the trade centerine has resumed. sandy has knocked down that line. another one affected is running again through the hard hit long beach area but on a weekend schedule. perfect. thank you, heather. >> cyber monday is just getting started. retarryls are already hailing this weekend. estimated $59 billion for stores on-line. we are all breaking down the numbers for a red-letter day. >> 247 million shoppers visiting storeses as well as their web site. they spent $427 each. now on-line spending on black friday alone also surged. first ever thanksgiving thursday also brought in solid numbers with more than $6 million spent on the web on the holiday. >> you covered thursday and friday how about today? >> it is likely to believe the busiest cyber monday. 130 million folks will click on and check out web deals most of them from work and that comes from the research where americans are expected to spend 1 and a half billion dollars today. that's up 20 percent from last year. the saturday before christmas is a shopping bonanza for christmas. competi
information stored on her computer. >> weeks after sandy slams the door we are wondering why it took the red cross so long to reach some of the hardest hit areas. they sent staff and supplies to areas barely touched by the storm in order to avoid damaging the supplies. it took the red cross three-days after sandy to arrive in new york city. we are also finding out that fema nay not have been as prepared as it could have been. >> the hearing is set today for accused movie massacre gunman james homes. holmes reportedly tried to kill himself several times in jail. the denver post says he hurt himself by slamming his head into the wall. they asked for a hearing delay. it is now planned for december. >>> the president of the pharmacy linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak pleads the 5th on capitol hill. >> on advice of council i respectfully decline to answer on the basis of my constitutional rights and privileges. i respect lifl decline to answer on advice of council. >> that's barry cadden refusing to answer during a hearing. we can expect befotoday. tainted shots spread meningitis at the sxo
patti ann. sandi has passed but the effect of the storm still being felt on thanksgiving day. here is eric shawn with drentsz on coney island wasn't say even though they lost everything they have so much to be thankful for. >> three weeks later there is still a need. >> we have ham and cheese, apple, crackers, juices. >> even now coney island resident remains without heat. she stood in line to get bottled water and snacks to carry back to her cold apartment. >> did you think it would be this long? >> no. i have never seen it this bad. this is the worst i have ever seen it. >> she continues to rely on the distribution center for food. they serve 3,000 people a day. they handle everything from pretzels to diapers. the effort continues and the storm's impact is lasting. >> with this hurricane and problems it created there is long-term damage here and we have to work hard to sustain the basic living needs. >> while most americans are thinking about turkey and the trimmings these storm victims are thankful for the basics. >> i have never experienced anything like this in my life. never.
. thank you and may god bless you. >> it is 16 after the hour. super storm sandy cost 400 people their job os ellis island. it had just reopened after a restoration one day when sandy hit. the historic landmark was badly damaged that storm. lady liberty and ellis island will remain closed until at least january for those repairs. >>> a shocking study on pork. consumer reports tested 200 raw samples from super markets all across the country. they found 69 pirs of them contains the bacteria that can cause fever, cramps and other symptoms. the good news is the bacteria can be killed as long as you cook your pork long enough. >>> it is time for a segment we like to call what the hill? you about to find out why. now that president obama has won reelection you may soon feel that effect on your wallet. it is because of the rules of the epa. fox business network peter barns explains. >> the top senate critic of the environmental protection agency says after delaying regulations to help president obama win the election the epa is about to flood the election with new rules about consumers and jobs.
to the hardest hit by super storm sandy. not everyone was welcoming him with open arms. they are selling these things. as we get a break let's get a look at the tonight show with jay leno. >> president obama will need john kerry to be the next securi secretary of defense. the strategy to bore our enemies to death. this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am i on the naughty list again? ho ho ho! >> good morning to you. it is quarter past the hour. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. these f 22 rafter fighter jets plagued the air force with problems for years and years. now one has crashed near a florida panhandle highway. luckily the pilot was able to eject safely and no one ground was
earth. >> that is amazing footage. >> i know. >> back at home as hundreds of super storm sandy victims have you gone struggle to get back on their feet. hundreds prepare to lose their homes for good. they plan to demolish hundreds of homes deemed too dangerous to build. how they are dealing with the plans. >> nearly three weeks after super storm sandy sit our area the cleanup process continues. whi while oo. >> to rebuild them you have to demo and start over again. they are too far gone. >> the piles of debris and muddy streets are not the mange challenge here. the ocean breeze section of staten lined south shore it's the mold setting in. it's a race against time for homeowners trying to save their houses from even further damage. >> you have to get it all eradicated before you close-up the house otherwise it will just come back. >> those clearing out the soggy debris are the lucky ones they issued permits by the department of buildings that allowed to clean up the repairs. houses are the red tags are targeted for demolition. the building department says at least 200 are so dangerous
not include the half a million people still without power from sandy. >> i am very stressed out. i don't know what day it is, what time it is. trying to feed my daughter. >> no crews nobody around. no response. you call up you don't get any answers. it is ridiculous. this with the gas shortage. in new jersey they are rationing gasoline. starting today drivers with license plate numbers ending in an odd number or a letter will be able to fill up then on saturday those with even numbers can. 43 billion making it the most expensive storms ever. >>> united airlines flight originating in denver as a passenger refused to listen to a flight attendant and started yelling and praying in the aisle. the man refused to take a seat. the military escorted the flight to dulles international airport which was the scheduled destination. >> iran making news with a drone over the gulf. >> it happened days before the election. why didn't this news come out until now? peter doocy joins us live with more on this. >> it was about this time of day last thursday when two iranian su 25 fighter jets intercepted and for
on the morning after sandy knew she should go to work even though her house was surrounded with water. she swam to work. she is going to be joining us live. plus he was watching the devastation from sandy he said i can help those people in new york and connecticut and new jersey. he cooked for 5,000 people. he will pull up live in front of our building with pie. fox and friends the day before thanksgiving kicks off in 11 minutes right now right here on the fox news channel. >>> it is now 10 minutes before the hour. a decision is in. a kentucky city council race that ended because of a tie. the candidate's wife couldn't make it to the polls that's why it was a tie was finally decided all thanks to a coin toss. al livonolivia won the coin tos he may get the seat. after winning the coin toss she announced she won't serve. pope benedict xvi's book hit stores today. it is focused on jesus' birth and his childhood. it is the final installment in the trilogy of the life of jesus. >> now to a fox news alert to you let's take a live look at tel aviv, israel. that's where police are saying 10 people have
storm sandy, by the way. it is illuminated with more than 30,000 lights and topped a crystal star. >> think of all of the scaffolding to decorate it. that is amazing. >> that is your 5@5:00. >> two former foes are coming together today. romney and obama are sitting down for their first post election meeting. we have more on the meeting. what's the topic today? >> today at 12:30 it will be president obama and mitt romney in a room by themselves for a lunch that was arranged about a week after the election. there won't be any staff sitting with them. we are told the white house called and mitt romney accepted this information. romney aids say he has noah agenda. it's just going to be two adversaries sitting down for a social lunch. >> the president said that there are aspects of governor romney's record and governor romney's ideas that could be very helpful. governor romney did a terrific job running the state. the requested reorganization authority from the congress to do just that. >> we haven't heard from mitt romney since he came up short on leblgs day. we have seen him pumping
. will gridlock take over? >> mother nature about to hit thousands of people already devastated by sandy and a nor' easter is on the way. the forecast is up next. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. s >> welcome back. time for the first degree weather update on maria. the storm already in the mid eels. >> we are talking the nor' easter. later this morning into thursday it is a prolonged period of time. northeast coast especially it could be strengthening looking at more coastal flooding and beach erosion. as high as 4 feet will be possible across portions of long island. keep it in mind through out the day and the night and tomorrow. we are talking rain conditions over into portions of numbering new jersey into new england. we could see snow up to 6 inches in spots. back to you guys. >> thank you
customers who he says were left in the dark in more ways than one following hurricane sandy. he is seeking monetary damages in the company. that is the latest live from lipa headquarters. robert moses fox news. heather back to you. >>> thank you so much. so many people really upset about the situation. it is cold outside, too. coming up it seemed like a good idea. it was a drill to make sure students know what to do during a possible shooting. maybe they should have told everyone it was a drill. now we are learning she may be t tap secretary of state hillary clinton. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and
of hurricane sandy. that is on top of the amount that brees and his wife already donated which is over $11 million through their foundation. 40 after the hour. still ahead it's not easy being green. why so many solar companies say they are not able to find qualified workers. >> we told you about parents who want to stop an elementary school from taking kids to see a charlie brown christmas play. it is your last chance to answer our question of the day. do the parents that are opposing the school's trip to see that play is a bah hum bug we are reading your e-mails next. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every da
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)